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The Internet Archive + Wayback Machine - Internet, media, and website archive active since 2001

Oocities - An archive/mirror of GeoCities websites

Cameron's World - A Geocities archive presented visually - Audio Autoplay, Possible Eyestrain Warning

The Deleted City - An Interactive GeoCities archive - Eyestrain Warning

GeoCities Gallery - Another GeoCities archive

Winworld - Downloads and media for many Operating Systems

Textfiles - An archive of textfiles from the 1980's

GifCities - An archive of gifs and graphics from GeoCities - Possible Eyestrain + Flash Warning

Screamer Wiki - A wiki archiving and categorizing internet screamers (jumpscares) - No Images are Shown

The Cutting Room Floor - A wiki archiving and categorizing unused and cut content from video games

Settei Dreams - An archive of animation production materials

VNDB - The visual novel database

VocaDB - The vocal synth database

IFDB - Interactive (text-based) fiction database

Encyclopedia Astronaoutica - Large database of space-related information

Wikispecies - Wikimedia hosted species directory

AVRTC - Archive of Vintage Robotics and Technology Companies

The Imagisphere - The LittleBigPlanet wiki

Archiverse - Miiverse archive

Sudodemo - Flipnote archive - Possible Eyestrain + Flash Warning

Wikifur - Furry wiki

Yerf Historical Archive - Archive of artwork hosted on the furry art website Yerf in 1996-2007

VLC - Archive of artwork hosted on the furry art website Vixen Controlled Library in 1995-2014(?)

Avatar Archive - Old furry media, primarily images

Old RPG Maker game archive list - A list of old not really known RPG Maker games - Website in Japanese Only

Manga Updates - Large database of manga works, as well as information on scanlations



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As a disclaimer, I'd like to point out that no wikis included are Fandom Wiki domains. I will not be adding those.