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Sakugabooru - A booru board created for posting snippets of animation

Human anatomy search helper - Human skeleton posing engine that matches references to pose

Animal anatomy search helper - Animal head posing engine that matches references to pose

Reference angle - Human head posing engine that matches reference to pose

Line of action - Timed practice tools, include anatomy, expressions, animals, hands, environments

Quickposes - Timed practice tools, but only limited to people

Bodies in motion - frame-by-frame captures of human motion - Some Elements Behind Paywall

Posemaniacs - 3D models, human references, art tutorials on body anatomy

William Nguyen's light reference tools - two head/face lighting reference tools

Free photo muscle - Japanese website full of photo references for muscle - Adblocker Reccomended

Human anatomy for artist - Database of sorted human body references - Adblocker Reccomended

Comparing Heights - Website that lets you see height differences between people

Humanae - Pantone swatches + face photos for skin tone reference

Ctrl + Paint - Free digital painting tutorial videos

Character design references - Character design resources + studio works

Open drawing books - Old public domain drawing books

The Dimensions of Colour - Color theory resources

Handprint - Watercolor related and color theory resources

Thee Therington Brothers - Short and simple art tutorials

Pexels - Stock photos for reference

Unsplash - Stock photos for reference

Textures - Free textures, for 3D models but can be used as reference

Sketchfab - 3D model hub, has previews which can be used as reference

L+T - Free stock texture photos

Smithsonian Open Access - Free for use images

Rijksstudio - akin to Pinterest, but for classic artwork with about 800,000 works

Pureref - Application that lets you store and arrange references in one place - Download Required



Animation Reference + Inspiration

Human Reference

Animal Reference

Face Reference

General Reference + Practice

Human Reference + Practice

Animation + Human Reference

3D Human Reference + Tutorials

Face Reference

Human Reference

Human Reference

Human Reference

Face Reference + Color


Character Reference + Inspiration

General Resource


Color + Traditional Media


General Reference + Stock

General Reference + Stock

3D General Reference + Stock

3D General Reference

Texture + Stock

General Reference + Stock

Traditional Art Reference + Inspiration

Reference tool